At Chobani, we're proud to support our hometown communities through numerous philanthropic endeavors, including the donation of products to local organizations. The following will help us determine if we can meet your request.

  • We donate product to organizations, events, and activities falling in these four categories:
    • Health and Wellness: An event or program that supports physical health or nutrition, including the impact of those on other health (mental, emotional).
    • Farming and Sustainability: A program, event, or activity that supports local dairy farming, agriculture, or related sustainability.
    • Targeted Education Opportunities: Support for school students and teachers (K-12), specifically health and wellness, nutrition, agriculture and/or STEM programs.
    • Refugees and Veterans: A program, event, or activity that highlights veterans or refugees living in the community.
  • Your organization and/or event needs to be near one of our Chobani facilities in New Berlin, NY or Twin Falls, ID.
  • You will need to pick up the products at the following locations, dates, and times:
    • Twin Falls, ID - first Wednesday of the month 3-4 p.m., location determined per request
    • New Berlin, NY - third Friday of the month 10-11 a.m.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 30-45 days prior to event.
  • Donated product CANNOT BE SOLD.
  • Proper refrigeration and handling of product must be guaranteed.


To submit your product donation request, click the Product Donation Request Link below.

We appreciate your interest and your support!

Product Donation Request Form