At Chobani, we're proud to support our hometown communities through numerous philantrhopic endeavors, including the donation of products to location organizations.  The following will help determine if we can meet your request.


  • We donate product to organizations, events, and activities falling in these four categories:

    • Health and Wellness: An event or program that supports physical heath or nutrition, including the impact of those on other health (mental, emotional). 

    • Farming and Sustainability: A program, event, or activity that supports locat dairy farming, agriculture, or related sustainability.

    • Targeted Education Opportunities: Support for school students and teachers (K-12), specifically health and welness, nutrition, agriculture and/or STEM programs.

    • Refugees and Veterans: A program, event, or activity that highlights veterans or refugees living in the community.

  • You will need to pick up the products at the following locations, dates, and times:

    • Twin Falls, ID - first Wednesday of the month 3-4 p.m., location determined per request

    • New Berlin, NY - third Thursday of the month 10-11 a.m.

  • Requests must be submitted at least 30-45 days prior to event.

  • Donated product CANNOT BE SOLD.

  • Proper refrigeration and handling of product must be guaranteed.



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